Tendon Sheath

Tendons are cords of tough tissue that connect muscle and bone together and most tendons are covered in a protective sleeve called a tendon sheath which provides some cushion and lubrication to the tendon. Tendons allow the joint to move when the muscle is contracted and stretched.

Some inflammatory conditions can cause the protective sleeve to become thick and irritable which causes an over-production of fluid around the tendon, causing pain. Steroid injections into the tendon sheath can treat the inflammation, decreasing the pain and increasing movement of the joint.

Tendon sheath injections are performed with a local anesthetic to numb the injection site. James L. Carlisle, MD will use ultrasound to guide his needle to deliver medication to the exact location it is needed. You will find some immediate relief from the tendon sheath pain due to that numbing step. However, you will find over-all relief from the pain after several days.

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