About Us

About Us

The greatest evil is physical pain. – Saint Augustine

Omega Rehabilitation and Spine specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. James L. Carlisle, MD is a strong proponent of comprehensive care as it pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic pain, total spine care, workers compensation, electro-diagnostic medicine, and rehabilitative care.

“My practice is based on a foundation of patient trust, physician empathy, sound medical decision-making, and compassionate care.”
– James L. Carlisle, MD

With two convenient locations throughout the Metroplex, come in and feel the power of Omega and see the difference Omega Rehabilitation and Spine can make in your quality of life through the management of pain.

Patient Testimonials

I have been Dr. Carlisle’s patient for 10 months. I have bulging disks in my cervical spine, lumbar spine, and radiating pain my shoulders and down my legs. I have had this miserable, depressing, chronic pain all my adult life. Dr. Carlisle has taken a direct approach with my treatment of medication and facet injections. With Dr. Carlisle, treatment for my chronic pain is under control. Dr. Carlisle has a caring bedside manner and is genuinely concerned about my well-being. Dr. Carlisle has saved my life. –  DM

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident…in pain, I wasn’t sure which direction to turn and I was becoming frustrated and depressed due to the chronic pain. I was unsure if I would ever be in the same. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Carlisle and have been very grateful to have such a great physician in my corner. He has been very responsive to my suffering and has been instrumental in finding the cause of my pain. He listens to me with each visit and with his support as well as expertise my condition has improved. I truly enjoy his passion for patient care and his ability to explain my medical condition, treatment and prognosis with great ease. I am thankful for Dr. Carlisle and his staff for helping me regain hope again.  – S.C.

He is very kind, warm and caring, and has been very helpful in dealing with the problems that I have. I am very thankful that I have been able to see him. J.R

Dr. Carlisle, Thank you so much for helping me. I am really doing fine now – no meds. I will see you in a month to see if all is still well.Joyce