The piriformis is a muscle located in the buttocks and behind the gluteus maximus muscle and starts at the base of the spine and connects to the upper top of the femur (the long bone that runs from the knee up to the hip). The sciatic nerve, which is also responsible for chronic pain, runs vertically beneath (or sometimes through) the piriformis muscle.

This is the muscle responsible for the rotation of the hip and turning the foot outward.

Problems with this muscle and associated nerves can cause pain, numbness, swelling, decreased range of motion in the hip and some loss of mobility.

A piriformis steroid injection is a procedure in which James L. Carlisle, MD injects medicine into the piriformis to reduce the inflammation or swelling around the nerves that run through and around the muscle.

Patients typically find relieve within three to seven days. Duration of relief varies from person to person. Physical Therapy is a non-invasive therapy option that may be combined with injection for best results.

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