Facet Joint

I have been Dr. Carlisle’s patient for 10 months. I have bulging disks in my cervical spine, lumbar spine, and radiating pain my shoulders and down my legs. I have had this miserable, depressing, chronic pain all my adult life. Dr. Carlisle has taken a direct approach with my treatment of medication and facet injections. With Dr. Carlisle, treatment for my chronic pain is under control. Dr. Carlisle has a caring bedside manner and is genuinely concerned about my well-being. Dr. Carlisle has saved my life. –  DM

The facet joints connect the vertebrae in the spine. Facet injections are used to treat the neck and back pain associated with arthritic or inflamed facet joints and to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the tissue in and around the area.

Facet joint injections consist of an injection of a local anesthetic followed by the injection of a steroid medication into small joints under x-ray guidance. Most patients experience temporary relief from the pain because of the anesthetic. This lasts several hours. Some patients experience mild soreness and aching in the muscles around the location of the injection. Additional relief often follows 2 to 5 days after the procedure.

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